The Art Of Karsten S

The Art Of Karsten S

Welcome to my universe

this blog is about my artworks, studies , experiments, anouncements and what ever else I think may interest my friends and other readers.

planet K

My little GalleryPosted by Karsten S 11 Jul, 2015 23:20:09
My little gallery got a shine up and a name, now it is called "PLANET K". The official opening will be anounced soon with an invitation to a vernisage of the latest project that is almost ready for show.
See you there.

In the meantime you can check PLANET K in cyberspace on .

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" Red Dogs , Black Birds & other Creatures"

My little GalleryPosted by Karsten S 08 Jun, 2014 02:39:11
The exhition is until the end of this month. Naive paintings of The Red Dog.
and more

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My little GalleryPosted by Karsten S 07 Jun, 2014 02:06:53
Yes folks, in a few hours we are ready to leave our kennel and guard our new owners homes to protect the good humor against the mad raising rulers and their nonsense oppressive maneuvres.the little one, 20 x 20 cm canvas, oil acryl and rusty nails

Our owner or maker and creater is desperate, he cant afford to feed us any longer and he seems to tired of cleaning up behind us. Maybe you can see his tiredness on the selfie below this text. Anyway, he said that he looks forward to meet our new owners later today. (think he want to go sleep now).....

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