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The Art Of Karsten S

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Invitation to a little first Vernissage

My little GalleryPosted by Karsten S 04 Jun, 2014 21:30:32
Hello my friends finally I made it. On Saturday th 7th of June I shall have a little vernissage on

" Red Dogs , Black Birds & other Creatures"

You are welcome to join up for a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon from two - six o'clock.

Where? In "MY LITTLE GALLERY" . Well you have to make the tour to Norddyssen 80 In the last bit of Christiania. To find it you can look here . It is quite easy and a nice walk or bicycleride in good weather.

What? "The Red Dog Project" - small sized paintings with and without assambled gold frames and a serie of Artmoney monotypes printed in a very primitive way with oilpaint after drying outlined and written on with gouache.

Of course you can also take a look at all the other artmoney pictures I have made.

"Black Birds & other creatures"

A serie of 20 x 20 cm frames with assamblages of mostly burned out rusty used and foud nails and screws as well as other technical parts that I find and collect on my walks.

Jeps , I hope to see you too....

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