The Art Of Karsten S

The Art Of Karsten S

Welcome to my universe

this blog is about my artworks, studies , experiments, anouncements and what ever else I think may interest my friends and other readers.

Hurra, I did it

Just need to mention thisPosted by Karsten S 14 Apr, 2014 03:43:32
Finally I did manage to get something as simple as this blog going. Kind of tired of spam and hackers that regulary intrude my previous website. It will be offline in a short while, or maybe tomorrow.
I reallity I should have started this blog together with the course I am doing pt.
There i was recomended to use the blog as a kind of scetchbook, well I dont know how this is going to turn out in the future, you will see if you follow my doings here.
In the first place this blog for me is some kind of promotion of my artwork,
so you can start with visiting my gallery and see some of my paintings, drawings, monotypeprints, sculptures and assambages.!home klik the link and enjoy. Do not hesitate to contact me if your interested purchasing any of my works.

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