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The Art Of Karsten S

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Grey Day

Source of inspirationPosted by Karsten S 08 May, 2014 13:44:47
There are really many thing , thoughts, views and objects that can inspire me to get an idea for a creation.
To tickle the impressionist side, I actually just have to go outside.
And even a grey day may give some inspiration.

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Something that particular is of my interest is the possibility to experience the vastness of the sky close to where I am living. That is very often difficult when living in a city. Here in good weather I can take a walk to the coast and take a look over to Sweden if I am in that mood.
One of my last walks brought me to the old shipyard area close by. I really like this kind of places, abandoned industrial grounds.
Here is a quick shot with telephone camera to give you an impression of what I am talking about, five minutes away from my home.
This view is now looking at me from a 120 x 130 cm canvas waitng for the final touch.
The objective with the project itself is the space and vasness of the sky and the depth of the area in the foreground. This far in the process I am not really satisfied with my choice of colours for some bits, but I guess I fix it with the corrrection of the horizontal lines.

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