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Cubism - something to dig in

My studiesPosted by Karsten S 11 May, 2014 14:01:32
I really dont know how I got to it but somehow the talk came up.
An serach on google gave a little input , but still as every artist I wanted to create my own thing.
I always have this picture of the wild colourfilled sunsets in the marshes of the westcoast in my imagination. I have seen many of them in reality, based on this I started my study first more or less defined cubism painting, the objection with the painting is to define the light of the setting sun over the marshes. Have to do this from the imagination, kind of a while ago since I could enjoy this particular sight over the northsea.
Pablo Picasso, one of the artists that I admire, said something about the sun and what happens to it on paintings in general.
So now I work on this.
1. dont know whats going to happen...
2. Still dont know but the idea is growing.....
3. Some ideas about colours....
4. Taking shape somehow, still no clue to the objective.....
5. getting closer, the vision of the final is still unclear but I thing the painting is on its way.....

6. while sorting out the boxes the whole idea got extended.

7. the first line ups for the idea.... 8. changed the entire bottom of the picture for the visualisation of the final idea. Need to be patient to keep some of the colour in the hue they come in. Still I try to keep the project based on three primary colours. Cyan, dark cadmium red, primary yellow and titanium white to turn on the light. The orange and white I used in the beginning to scetch up my idea was acrylpaint. I do not use gesso on the underground, a masonite plate of 64,5 x 81 cm size.
Well, I guess next posting here is the final result of this...

9, No, its still some way to make before I am satisfied ,,,
10. a bit more darkness ...
11. its taking shape but its still way to go. Kind of fighting with myself in the try to organize the chaos of the brushstrokes, I like chaos so the interesting thing is kan I fulfill my objective on this project.

to be continued

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