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The Art Of Karsten S

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Birds and other creatures

My ProjectsPosted by Karsten S 14 Apr, 2014 18:28:59
This is one of my latest projects. It started around Christmas time in dark of the winternights. I had been working with the material before, but I thought the way I placed it was stiff, giving a square and narrow, rather lowering expression to the viewer.
I just needed to figure how I could get life into rusty burned nails, screws, wire and other small object that I keep finding by the roadsides. Most objects are kind of technical character as you will find when you look close.
Here is one of the assamblages that were created through the last months.It is not just the best photo, but it should enable you to get the idea what this is about.
The galley for this creations of creatures is here.!album-32
This project just continues as long as it is fun to stick nails and other found things together.

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