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kan dræbe - can kill

My ProjectsPosted by Karsten S 15 Apr, 2014 00:12:31
Sounds hard, but we see it often and some even more often than others. The english version of says even more drastic "KILLS".
this is one of the killing cards in ARTMONEY size

The headline is the undercover for the growing double moral in system and society.
while polticians bit by bit sell the people to highest bid they are telling us what to.
With this project I express my mounting anger.
It builds on recycle, mixed media and some of the other small object found.
The clipped cigarette box warning parts originate from found in the nature cigarette package. (some people are just dirtspreaders, pigs are considerable clean compared to theese species).

this is one of the mixed media pictures 30 x 30 cm canvas - kan dræbe 2

The project is on. the complete collection in the gallery will be annouced here.

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