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The Red Dog

My ProjectsPosted by Karsten S 05 May, 2014 00:23:30
It is just that now I have told the same story 7913 times and as a consequence of that fact I am writing it the last time here before I use more time for explanations then on the subject.
I fact I was, as alway and most artist, in need of cash to keep up the daily routines and some social life. it was there the idea of printing - en rød hund - , one red dog. A previous genereation of danish hundred Kroner bills has a red tone in the colour, thereof my basic idea of printing some primitve monotypes of a red dog as subject for a serie of ARTMONEY.
(the artmoney project is something I joined last year, I write more some other times about this project by Lars Kræmmer).

this is one of the 24 artmoney red dogs. See them all here

But than..... unexpected a friend, long time no see, passed by. As we sit and eat lunch he suddenly mentions the red dogs. At that time all 24 were stuck to my studio wall, looking at us eating. There I learned from him, that the expression "Red Dog" was used for certain persons in the previous DDR.....
It was that moment that made the idea growing. Some of the background to the further development was the knowledge about, that former stasi officers had held a discourse of some kind at the syddansk university in 2003 or sometime around there.

At the top of the page you can see the first of the Red Dog in a golden frame. "Bjarne" with the bone - is still in the house. His little brother found a new home yesterday, yeah and the other two youngsters stare at me waiting for the final polish in their golden frame.
The red folks that are not into gold and glimmer should not worry, some of the late breed that got born, is without the burden of gold and will soon pop up in the gallery.

Ok.... this much for and against the red dog, the rest an more is up to your imagination

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