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The Art Of Karsten S

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Another view on Cubism

Source of inspirationPosted by Karsten S 10 Jun, 2014 14:31:44
On my daily walks, I sometimes end up in strange places, like this old shipyard in Copenhagen not far from my home. Now the place has various use, recently the european melody grand prix was held there. The Copenhagen distortion found a place for big time party there and tomorrow Copenhell is opening for the international Heavy Metal sceane.
Well actually I just wanted to post some pictures that switched my cubistic part of the mind on. The raw version from my mobile phone camera first (its only a 1.5 mp in an outrunning Nokia model) to start with.I liked this spacy graffitti with its colours and shape.coloured boxes, well it is large shipping containerstrying to get some space effect inte an empty picture, ok it is a picture of four containers in different colours. At the end of the containers you can skimt the end of a red container. Behind that an aluminiumgate or fence finishes up the light beige, grey of the asfalt, the containers are placed on. A building behind tree appear as horizon under the cloudy light blue danish summersky. workworkworkworkwork....... wonder what I though about at that moment...............maybe about, that this dude lost his brain???no, brain is out to get the hair done...... PUNK RULEZ!!!!!
have a nice day

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