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Musik As the source of new energi and inspiration

Source of inspirationPosted by Karsten S 20 Jun, 2014 03:22:24
Yes I did it, and I survived Hell, well yeah, Copenhell. Copenhell is a heavy metall festival that has been going on in my neighhbourhood for the last four years, counting this year, it was the fifth time.
Here its Suicide Silence on stage, what an energi they released.

The spot where the festival is held is the perfect background for this kind of music. It is an abandoned shipyard that now is used for all kind of other industries and business. But best of all, several returning large open air music arrangements found a place close to the city of Copenhagen without terrorising the entire population with noise. Heavy Metall on a previous metall working ground with a powerplant in the background , it cant get better.
Wendsday night I thought to get my ears cleaned by Anthrax and Iron Maiden, but sorry to say, the sound was just plain shit.
Thursday then I tried again, the place is like two minutes away on a bicycle from my place.
The sound had not gotten better on the main stage, so I didn't really bother the shows there. From the side stage i remember Clutch, nice swampy, fast, energetic, southstates rock in swinging tunes. Than Twisted Sister came on, and hell, something happened to the sound. It was like they found the button to turn up the music, I really enjoyed this, after all oldtimers of metall rock, colourful and entertaining show.
I could feel a cold creeping up throug my bones on the way home that night.
In spite of the sore throat and a chill running along the spine I made my way to the last band I wanted to see. I arrived a little late to hear the entire Bad Religion concert. No surprise here. I expected something more of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, so i took a walk to explore more before the next band on the main stage, Helviti the stage was called, its the one on the picture above.
pigs roast in hell

The Cold was beginning to anoy me, the nose started dripping, my throat got even more sore and my head was not really happy any more. A beer helped to survive through the last show I saw that day. I was really happy for not have given up this far, Suicide Silence made my day, what an energy, no, not that it just was extreme loud, it was also good for my taste.
But than I had to give up, I could feel fever and cold taking over so I missed the grande finale with DAD.
The energi of all the good music and shows didn't get killed by the cold, it brought me almost through it with a smile.
Here is a link to Suicide Silence latest - Don't Die .... just in case you dont know what it's about.

Wonder what my brushes and pens are going to do with this when I get at it... so much energy!!!!!!

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