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The Art Of Karsten S

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A brilliant idea - ARTMONEY

Just need to mention thisPosted by Karsten S 22 Nov, 2014 21:08:12
It was not my idea to start the Artmoney project. This happening I have to cedit to the danish artist Lars Kræmer, but you can read all about the Artmoney history on the website .
I really like the idea of making an alternative valuta and on top of it having fun doing it. So I joined last year. Recently I had 23 artmoneys in the latest Artmoney exhibitions in Copenhagen.
The best is the new website the got running, now I can upload and control the trade on my own. So I am using the dark evenings at the moment to catalog , scan, and sort and than upload all the Artmoneys I have made so far, its going to take some time.

Now you can find the Artmoney I create following this link. It is possible to purchase artmoney from the website with secure paypal payment.

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