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thoughts about spirituality

My ProjectsPosted by Karsten S 14 Dec, 2014 16:04:31
It startet with a drawing studies of a picture of a monk I had found some time ago.Some time of silence in fresh air gave me the idea to continue on the study of spirituality and most important of all, I searched for my own spiritual guidelines in the process.
Joining an artcourse some ingredients where put into the process. Painting on clothes became a part, inspired by the techniques of the young danish artist Alexander Tovborg I painted and created a serie of pictures expressing my personal impression of spirituality, or the for me visible part of it. People in general often confuse spirituality with religion, but for me this part is a little more complicated as it turnes in that religion is more about power and oppression than spirituality.
The complete serie is not quite finished, but as the course finished I had finished four larger works for the exhibition in Østergade.
Acrylpainting 130 x 95 cm "Monk 1"

Acrylpainting 60 x 80 cm "Monk 2"

Acrylpainting on paper

Acryl Oil Mixed media "Father - Son - Holy Spirit" 40 x 20 , 40 x 40, 40 x 20 canvas.

The exhibited works, the photos did not get so good because of the light in the rooms, sorry.
I will announce when the entire serie is finished. And so far I have not found any religion that would make me believe

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