The Art Of Karsten S

The Art Of Karsten S

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this blog is about my artworks, studies , experiments, anouncements and what ever else I think may interest my friends and other readers.

time has passed

Just need to mention thisPosted by Karsten S 11 Jul, 2015 22:46:51
Hello again, it's some time now that I have been using this blog. In the meantime things happened. I worked on some projects and some of it is still going on.
The "I"-project is something contintues and get part of the new website I launched on There it is possible to get my works online and pay for it safe with paypal.
The site is supposed to be based on a fiktion story with Ka'eS as the central figure of the story. He is the person guiding you to the pictures and dimensions that are in the different galleries. Please be patient there, I am not the writing type of person, but I shall try my best to make the journey through the cyberspace of Planet K interesting.
Items for sale are usually priced in the image description, if not, don't hesitate to use the contact form for request.

This is part of another project "under the red ombrelle", it is called. But this is another story to be launched with little fernisage in the little gallery "PLANET K".

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